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Factory Friday VI – Klezmofobia LIVE + Exclusive set by: LEA

June 10, 2011 kl. 21:00 -02:00

| 70KR.


KLEZMOFOBIA – the award winning Danish klezmer orchestra – takes music to places it has never been. With an
energetic mixture of tradition and renewal, the orchestra has already reached a large audience. Cheerful melancholy in
Yiddish, a powerful jumble of old klezmer elements, combined with modern rock beats is what makes the uniqueness of
the orchestra.
In the last two years KLEZMOFOBIA has performed at venues and festivals in a range of countries. From the Baltic countries to Mexico, KLEZMOFOBIA has invited fans to dance in chain dance. Most recently in May where the orchestra toured all over Germany. KLEZMOFOBIA has so far released two albums that have sold more than 25,000 copies. The debut cd, “tanz”, won in 2007 an award for “Best Danish World Music Album of the Year”.

What the press say: “Fiddler on a surf-board Extraordinary competent second album from the danish klezmerband Klezmofobia” “…A warmblooded danish-jewish diva in a sensual declaration of love to her former Palestinian lover. A band consisting of anything but lost folk
musicians escaping over the fence in an intoxicating stream of surfrock, ska and hints to serbian farmer-rock, played as if it were a slivovitz-affected day on the marketplace in Guca. And at the same time solidly connected to the roots of danish folkmusic…. Welcome to the world of Klezmofobia… It is an excellent album. Spiel mit mir, Klezmofobia…” review in INFORMATION, nationwide Danish newspaper, reviewer Torben Holleufer
“…Eyeopening and growing vocal. And then… Speed. People start jumping. Channe Nussbaum dances in al her fantastic womanliness and the clarinet and the trumpet seems to be in some kind of duel, a klezmer showdown, where everybode wins. Oi, oi, oi!”, live-review in Information, nationwide Danish newspaper, June 2008. “…Music like strong coffee – Klezmofobia thrilled the crowd”, live review, Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine, local German newspaper, 09.05.2009


Lea Thiim Harder – LEA

The Danish / Zambian girl Lea is releasing her self titled debut album, which she, the last 6 months, has worked very hard on, in close cooperation with Discarts in-house producers Mads Lumholt og René Tromborg. They have created a fabulous and heartfelt album, where the musical universe originates from electronic, but also embraces other genres as Pop, Jazz and Soul. All combined with Leas intense voice and very personal lyrics.

“My lyrics deals with my own experiences and reflections” says Lea. “I Wonder” is an example of this, which is a song about Leas relationship with her mother and the disengagement of her ”but then in a flash I realize I don’t need u to live my life”.

As well as with ”Natural Lady”, in which Lea settles with “The Perfect Human”: ”we spend thousands on ridiculous products, hoping for a face lacking natural conduct” and salutes the “natural lady”: ”I’m a natural lady, not the shady deal, flesh, fat, hair and all”.

Leas versatility within the music also shows in the different type of songs, from the ballade “Lovers Lament” over the clubish “The Clock” to the Soul inspired “My Goodbye”, but as she puts it herself: “Music is feelings for me, I haven’t got a favourite genre I prefer. To me it is the feeling behind the music that counts”.

Music has always had a special place in Leas life, beginning when she in kindergarten (in Jutland, Denmark) started singing. When she, at the age of 7, moved to Malawi with her mother, Lea began to sing in the local African church. Here it was drawn to her attention how strong and beautiful her singing voice was. After this, music took up most of Leas time and three years later, back in Denmark you would be able to find her curled up in her bedroom closet, where she would write and record songs.

Throughout her teenage years she has participated in a few musicals and performed at music cafés with different bands. She was discovered at the age of 19 by indie record label Discart, after performing on Danish television. And has been commuting since between Copenhagen (where the record studio is located) to Aarhus (where she lives and studies at the media school) to get her record ready.


June 10, 2011
21:00 -02:00
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