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Elektronisk Tirsdag! Byetone (de, Raster Noton) mfl.

8. marts 2011 @ 21:00 - 02:00

| 60DK

BYETONE (raster noton, de)

OPIATE (hobby industries, oh boy!)
SLY NEIN (endless, new folder)
PSIMONO (hest/pony, teal recordings)
OLIVER DUCKERT (prototybe, badun)




Elektronisk Tirsdag proudly presents German BYETONE to the newly renovated venue STENGADE!
Oluf Bender (Byetone) founded in 1999 the borderbreaking label and artplatform RASTER NOTON together with digital artist and musician Alva Noto. In 2003 he released his first album “Fend” and in 2008 the mindblowing electronic epic “Death of A Typographer”. Bender is both a visual artist and a musician and has recently toured the world with his extermely well-produced sounds, and his exquisite art.

Byetone’s music is best described as hypnotic IDM/Glitch with frequencies and rhytms bend out of this world. Related artists are:
Alva Noto, Ø, Vladislav Delay, Pan Sonic, Aoki Takamasa and the likes.

Check Byetone out at:


Plastic Star (Session)

Grand Style


Raster Noton


Local djs

Opiate (thomas knak)
- known for his ability to mix weird wonky vibes with electronic tiny structures and massive breakbeats from back when they ruled the world.

Sly Nein
- heavyweight techno/newschool IDM mixed in a modern and appealing way. check out his clubnight ENDLESS at dunkel once a month.

- 2 step, uk garage, ukfunky and whatever tracks comes to his mind are the buildingstones of this great dj’s sets.
recent activities include: clubnight hest/pony and fresh fresh label Teal Recordings.

Oliver Duckert (badun)
- is one helluva dj. love him. yes you will.

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8. marts 2011
21:00 - 02:00